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About Eco Build Industries

Eco Build  Industries was established in 2009 with technology used since hundred years ago, utilizing eco friendly material with no environmental impact.


Our vision is to provide quality, eco -conscious building alternatives that not only serve as a platform for the building of affordable, community orientated houses and schools , but also ensures that through the identification and implementation of considered, integrated technologies, we will  be able to drastically “reduce our environmental footprint”

Mission Statement:

ECO BUILD INDUSTRIES aims to provide all an opportunity to have access to the ECO BUILD INDUSTRIES technology. This will include continuous training and development of existing and future contractors as well as in-house research and development.

Company Objectives:

 Eco Build Industries  is perfectly positioned  manufacture and supply all Eco Build products anywhere.

Business Philosophy:

The right solution for the right application at the right price for the right benefit to the community, the client and the country.

The key attributes of ECO BUILD INDUSTRIES are the vision of management, commitment, resourcefulness, experience, social responsibility and constant research into improved environmentally friendly technology and energy efficient and independent devices for use in Eco Build Industries Technology

Eco-friendly Green House (Carbon footprint much less than conventional construction)

Up to 70% superior thermal properties

3 Times greater mass than conventional building

Aesthetically pleasing

Superior acoustic qualities

Versatility of the building process allows for multiple applications

All services can be accommodated in the walls

Minimal building waste or losses on site

Creates job opportunities

Low skill levels required in the initial construction phase

Ease of transport

Ease of construction

Low transportation costs

Eco Build Frames can be manufactured anywhere

Between 30 to 40% lower building costs than conventional building