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There are many factors which influence the cost of building a house however, A saving of at least 30% can easily be achieved by utilizing the ECO BUILD Building System. In addition, the result will be a quality and more ecologically friendly house.

Accepting that time is money, the ECO BUILD System has a very rapid construction rate.

When using the ECO BUILD  patented cladding instead of plaster, the house can be

ready for occupation within days.

Eco Build Homes

The building process, which can be undertaken easily without using highly skilled carpenters, is very simple and owner-builders can complete many of the stages that are involved themselves. The method consists of three elements: a framework of Eco- Build (timber and metal beams that form the framework for the sandbag walls); specially formulated geo-fabric bags, filled with sand and stacked between the beams; and, finally, the cladding of the beams with wire mesh and either plaster, timber or plasterboard.

The completed structure is waterproof (sand does not have the intrinsic capillary action found in cement), fireproof and soundproof, and has very good thermal properties. While standard walls may develop cracks in the plasterwork that can carry through the entire wall, this will not happen with this process, as cracks cannot run through sandbag walls.

Eco-Build and sandbag homes can be produced and built in a short period of time, as no actual brickwork needs to be done. Once the beams and bags have been transported to the site, the framework can be erected within a few days. Design features such as curved walls or unusually shaped windows that would represent an increased cost in a brick structure would not be the case here. Once the framework is in place, filling and stacking sandbags can be undertaken by semi/ unskilled labour or by the owners themselves, reducing labour costs. Much of the sand required to build the structure can be obtained from the site.

This form of construction is ideal in isolated areas, as the weight and design of the construction material makes it easy to transport. Sites with lots of sandy soil are ideal.